Contact HiQPdf Software

We offer 24x7 sales and technical support by email. It takes maximum 48 hours to answer you, function of the support level you have, but usually it will take much less than that. Below you can find the email addresses where you can contact us.

You can contact us by email at the following email addresses:

Contact SupportEmail

Contact Support:

Contact Sales:

For urgent technical issues or sales questions you can also contact us by phone at the phone number below:

Contact PhonePhone

Phone Numer: (+ 46) 8-559 25 096

You can also contact us at the following mail address:

Contact PhoneAddress

Mail Address: Svetsarvägen 15, SE-171 41 Solna, Sweden

If you have any sales questions or technical questions about using the HiQPdf software or if you want to report a problem with our documentation or website please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Before contacting the support department with a technical question please make sure that the answer cannot be found in the FAQs, in the Online Documentation, in the Online Demo or in the demo applications we offer in the Software Package you can download from our website.

The payments processing is performed by FastSpring who is a trusted reseller of our products. In general we'll be able to answer your sales questions directly but there might be cases when we'll have to ask you to contact FastSpring directly.